Valerie L. Patten, Esq.


From New York to California




         My favorite cases over the years have been the cases where at the outset, when I am retained, my client has been put at a severe disadvantage economically or and perhaps deprived of visitation for one reason or another, and by the end of the case, with my help, she/he has achieved an appropriate timeshare, a restored and balanced relationship with her/his kids, an equal balance of power with the other spouse, a fair division of property, and confidence in better parenting skills and/or relationship skills. These are my “big cases,” although no one outside of my office will ever know about them.

      My preference is to handle family law matters for clients who place the welfare of their children first, who have enough self-knowledge to be able to help me plan their cases efficiently in order to achieve their primary goals, and who participate actively by good faith efforts at honest communication at every stage of the legal proceedings.